One of the youngest digital influencers in Bangladesh has managed to make his way onto Dhallywood silver screen. At the tender age of 25, when other people of his age are focused only on studies, Abdullah Zubayer is famous for his creative content as an influencer on social media.

He is a young multi-talented boy, highly motivated and positive person. His influential content on YouTube, Likee and Instagram is mostly about a lifestyle that is really nifty. He loves travelling and used to spend his spare time travelling and exploring the countryside and creating content that acted as a major advertisement for any young traveller.

Abdullah Zubayer, known as the youngest digital creator and influencer in Bangladesh, hails from Brahmanbaria. He started his journey as an influencer in 2016 and since then he has amassed a huge following on Instagram, 3 million subscribers on YouTube and 7 followers on Likee.

He worked on several television dramas and documentaries before introducing himself as an influencer. However, as he is still a student, he sometimes finds it difficult to balance his work and studies. His niche is lifestyle content. It has led him to gain a large number of followers. All his videos influence his followers in some or the other way.

Recently, Abdullah acted in his debut music video which was launched globally on YouTube and other social media platforms. As soon as the music video got released it occupied its place in the trending top 10 charts within 24 hours which is actually phenomenal news for his fans.

This young and the multi-talented lad is setting the benchmark by making himself more compatible. Formerly, a song was sung by Moumita Tashrin Nodi and she released her music video in which Abdullah Zubayer acted in the lead role.

Recently, on the basis of analytics, the video has broken several records and is still trending worldwide and is now marked as among the top trending videos on YouTube as well as on other media platforms.

He has worked with many famous personalities such as Tasnova Hoque Elvin, who was a participant in Lux Channel I Superstar, Oyshee and Haimanti Rakshit Das, who are both famed singers. His list of collaborations is long. In 2020, he might make his debut in Dhallywood. It was his helpful and humble nature that landed him this opportunity.

In the year 2021, he is going to make debut in his first-ever Bollywood project with Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. The way he exemplifies and influences others through his lifestyle video content gave him a golden ticket to Bollywood.

Now soon he’ll be a part of the silver screen. It’s electrifying news for his fans. At such a young age he yearns to encourage and inspire the youth.