In an attempt to attach temples and Hinduism with the Independence struggle of the country, the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has asked the Archaeology Department to compile a list of temples that were present in the state during the First War of Independence in 1857.

The Culture Department officials are asked to furnish a report on such temples in each district within next two months by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. They have been asked to update the freedom fighters list and places which have some association or significance in the freedom struggle.

To include the tradition and culture of the place, the local fairs too will be included in the plan. According to sources, the UP government wants to revive heritage temples and traditional fairs that were peculiar to one region or district.

Culture Department official said, “The idea is to regain lost glory and host events that will draw the people’s attention towards the place. These events can also emerge as major tourist attractions.”

By supporting region specific festivals like the ‘Bada Mangal’ festival celebrated only in Lucknow the Yogi government wants to help the tourism sector flourish.

The official said, “A number of old temples have been laying in ruins. We have asked officers at the district level to furnish information about such temples and we will renovate and revive them.”

A committee, led by Sangeet Natak Academy (SNA) chairperson Poornima Pandey, has been asked to prepare for an international-level classical music and dance festival, which the state is going to host soon. This classical music and dance festival would be on the lines world renouned Khajuraho and Konark festivals

The UP government is planning a huge publicity for these initiatives to make them popular even internationally.

Last year, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced that his government will promote those investing in the tourism sector which was also creating new employment opportunities in the state.

“UP has emerged as a good investment destination and under the proposal of investments received by the government, several are in the hospitality sector…the state government will promote those investing for promoting tourism and creating employment opportunities through it,” said the Chief Minister in September 2018.