Former Vice President Hamid Ansari on Saturday said that when parliament makes bad laws, they end up in courts where judges do what the lawmakers should be doing. Addressing an event in Delhi, he also said that good laws are made when parliament and assemblies are not called to endorse the views of the ruler of the day. Ansari lamented that parliament and assembly sessions have become more of a “ritual”.

“As we make bad laws, sooner or later they end up in some high court or the Supreme Court and what should have been done by parliament is being done by judges,” he said adding that such a “fault” can be corrected. The former Rajya Sabha Chairman said that parliament, which earlier used to meet for 10 days, is now sitting for 60 days per annum, while in other countries legislatures meet for 120 to 150 days.

Ansari also said that for any law or rule to be framed, ample time is needed for discussion but parliament and assembly sessions have today become more of a “ritual” where “you meet, say a few things, stay a few days together and go”.

The former vice president, who was speaking at “Sansad 2020”, stressed that consent of people and expression of wishes of people are essential in a democracy. He also said the consultation process has to be “fair and open” in a democratic system.