Leader of Opposition Vijender Gupta on Tuesday issued a legal notice through his counsel to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia for alleging that he was part of a conspiracy to murder the CM.

According to Gupta, the notice followed their defamatory tweets and subsequent failure on part of the two AAP leaders to withdraw the tweets and apologise by Tuesday, as demanded by him.

In the notice, Vijender Gupta stated that Kejriwal and Sisodia circulated the news in Punjab claiming that Kejriwal would be assassinated like former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by his personal security officer (PSO).

The LoP further stated that if Sisodia and Kejriwal failed to apologise within seven days for their defamatory, false and baseless allegations, he would be forced to initiate civil as well as criminal proceedings in the competent court of Law at their risk, cost and consequence.

The notice issued by Vijender Gupta stated that the allegation was not only awful and disquieting but also disgraceful and defaming. The notice stated that Gupta was deeply hurt and there might be so many other people in whose eyes and estimation the goodwill, standing and reputation must have gone down.

As per the notice issued, Gupta said that the Kejriwal and Sisodia made the defamatory statements publically in social media that is on Twitter which, being a public platform, must have reached and have been read by so many other people in and outside Delhi.

“In addition, this being a sensational charge, it was widely picked up thereby gravely impairing his reputation. None other than Kejriwal and Sisodia are responsible for this,” said Gupta.

In the recent past, the notice stated that in order to achieve political gains, Kejriwal “scripted the slapgate incident” during his roadshow on 4 May and blamed BJP for the incident.

“Subsequently, it was divulged that Kejriwal himself demanded the liaison officer to remove the security personnel from his vehicle. Kejriwal government has grossly failed in governance and such diversionary tactics are being adopted to cover up its failure,” the LoP alleged.

Arvind Kejriwal has now, quite a few times, expressed fear for life.

On Monday, in a Twitter exchange with Union Minister Vijay Goel, Kejriwal said it was not the personal security officers who wanted him killed but PM Modi.

Last week, Arvind Kejriwal had reportedly said, “My PSO reports to BJP Government, my life can be ended in minutes.”

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia also said the BJP was trying to assassinate Kejriwal.

Kejriwal had also told a news channel in Punjab that he would be assassinated like Indira Gandhi by his personal security officers.

Following the allegations, the Delhi unit of the BJP had written to the Delhi Police demanding the withdrawal of the Kejriwal’s security cover. It also asked the police to seek an apology from the CM.

The Chief Minister has been attacked at least six times in the presence of police, according to the party.

Earlier this month, Kejriwal was slapped by a man while he was doing a roadshow in the Moti Nagar area of the city and the incident was captured on camera.