In an audacious move, BJP members created a tense situation for the local police by ‘invading’ the state Congress office in Dehradun on Wednesday. The BJP had organized a protest march against the Congress party over the Rafale issue. When the BJP members reached the Congress office, the police had to use mild force to keep the situation under control.

The BJP protest march began from Parade Ground and the police had created two barriers- one at Kanak Chowk and the other near Orient Cinema hall- to stop the protesters. The BJP members crossed both the barricades and attacked Congress headquarters in Dehradun which created a pressure situation for the police force. The situation turned hostile as there was a heated exchange of words between the workers of the two parties. A minor scuffle was also reported from the site.

The Congress members were busy with preparations for hosting a press conference of Member of Parliament Kumari Selja when the BJP workers stormed the Congress office. Uttarakhand Congress president Pritam Singh and other leaders came together to protest and stop the BJP workers following which there was a heated argument between the two.

Lashing out at the BJP for their act, senior Congress leader and MP Kumari Selja said, “I strongly condemn the act of BJP. Every party has the right to protest, we also do that. But by entering the premises of another party, the BJP has caused damage to the democratic system.”

The BJP party members burned an effigy of Congress president Rahul Gandhi and chanted slogans for what they said was Congress’ attempt to ‘mislead’ the public over the Rafale issue.

There have been reports of stone pelting too. However, after a few tense moments, the police managed to control the situation. The cops even made attempts to arrest a few BJP members who had resorted to violence.