The Army on Wednesday remembered the gallant heroes of the Battle of Rezang La in Eastern Ladakh, which has gone into the annals of military history as one of the greatest battles ever fought.

It was here, in November 1962, that brave hearts of ‘Charlie’ Company 13 KUMAON, under the inspiring leadership of Major Shaitan Singh, fought the Chinese Army to the ‘Last Man, Last Round’.

This unparalleled saga of valour and sacrifice, where every man died a hero, continues to inspire future generations of Indian soldiers.

Upholding the tradition of remembering and honouring War Heroes, Chushul Brigade of the ‘Fire & Fury’ Corps commemorated the historic day with reverence.

Commemoration of Rezang La Day each year is an endeavour by the Indian Army to pay homage to the brave men of ‘Charlie’ Company 13 KUMAON, who have etched their names in golden letters in the history of India, with their courage and sacrifice.