In the “toolkit case”, the Delhi Police has written to Zoom asking for information about the attendees who joined a virtual meeting on January 11.

The meeting in which the modalities of the Global Day of Action were worked out was organised by the Poetic Justice Foundation. The course of action was decided in the said Zoom meeting.

Nikita Jacob, Shantanu Muluk, Disha Ravi and others collaborated together to draft the Toolkit document. The Delhi police are also verifying if Greta Thunberg attended the Zoom meeting.

According to sources, nearly 60 to 70 persons from India and abroad attended the meeting.

The police said that MO Dhaliwal, the founder of Canada-based pro-Khalistan outfit Poetic Justice Foundation, had contacted Nikita through Puneet, a Canadian citizen to create a storm on Twitter ahead of the Republic Day.

Police said that a woman named Puneet, who is based in Canada, connected these people to the PJF and through them, created the Toolkit Google documents titled “Global Farmer Strike” and “Global Day of Action, 26 January”. According to sources, the name of another woman Anita Lal has also cropped up as a co-founder of toolkit document.

According to the Delhi Police, one portion of this toolkit document mentioned action points named “Prior Action”, such as Digital Strike through Hashtags on January 26 and earlier and creating Tweet Storm from January 23 onwards. Physical action on January 26 and entering Delhi for Kisan Rally and return back to the border.

The Delhi Police further elaborated that the second part of the same document mentions tasks such as disruption of India’s cultural heritage such as ‘Yoga’ and ‘Tea’ and targeting Indian embassies abroad in various Capitals.

(With IANS inputs)