The Supreme Court, in an effort to reduce the wastage of paper through uniformity in its usage in day-to-day proceedings, has said it will accept petitions and affidavits only on A4 size sheets printed on both sides beginning from April 1.

On January 14, Chief Justice S.A. Bobde told the registry of the apex court to begin using A4 size sheets printed on both sides for all communications internally at all levels. A new circular dated March 5 has been published on the apex court website stating that A4 size paper will be accepted on the judicial side from April 1, with required specifications.

“It is notified for the information of all concerned that the Competent Authority has been pleased to direct that: With a view to bring uniformity about use of paper and printing thereon and to minimise consumption of paper and consequently to save the environment, superior quality A4 size paper…,” the circular said.

Apex court secretary-general Sanjeev S. Kalgaonkar issued the circular stating that all the communication to the advocate-on-record will be sent through e-mails and text messages and the registry is beginning to discontinue the practice of sending these communications through hard copies.

The current practice involves usage of legal-size paper, which is bigger than A4 size sheets, and it is used in most of the courts in the country. Many environmental activists have raised concerns on the existing norms on the usage of paper, which includes one side printing where wide margins led to large scale wastage of paper in courts.

On January 26, another circular urged all the stakeholders to be economical in the consumption of paper and to ensure that the communication is clear on both sides of the sheet.