It is not easy to keep a vigil at India’s airports, some of which are among the busiest in the world. Yet personnel of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) do their job of securing the airports with precision and discipline.

It is because of their effective security measures that our airports are very safe, thankfully, and the force itself was honoured with the ‘best airport security’ award by World Quality Congress (WQC) in 2017.


CISF in India
(Photo: Twitter/@CISFHQrs)


Now a letter written by Eric Sall, the vice-president of IBM Corporation, testifies to the professionalism of the central armed police force.

The letter has been posted by CISF on its official Twitter handle. In his letter, Sall thanks the CISF personnel of recovering his wallet, which was stolen at the Delhi airport while he was on his way to Bengaluru.



Sall narrates how he noticed his wallet gone while he was putting his luggage on the conveyer belt.

“It had all my credit cards and identification,” he wrote in his letter.

Here is the rest of his letter:

“I alerted the security officers working there, and after we searched the area and emptied my bag, it was clear the wallet was gone.

The officers took me to the office and reviewed the security camera footage with me.

As we looked closely, they identified someone whose actions look suspicious, and said they would investigate. They took my information, and I then went to my gate to catch my flight to Bengaluru.

When I arrived in Bengaluru two and a half hours later, I got an immediate call that they had tracked down my wallet. Security was able to follow the suspect via video surveillance to figure out which plane he got on, and called ahead to apprehend him. They put the wallet on a plane, and it was back in my hands later the same day, with all its contents intact.

I was very impressed with how this all played out. The security personnel acted quickly, and I was quite delighted that they were able to resolve the case and retrieve my property. They also did a great job keeping me informed, and handling the details of getting it back to me.”

Sall then commended four CISF personnel who helped in recovery of his wallet.

“So I’d just like to commend the officers who were involved in this case, whose names I collected: Inspector Subhash Kumar, SI AK Singh and Rahul Singh Bais, and CT JK Upadhyay”.

He concluded the letter by expressing his “great confidence” in the professionalism displayed by the force.

“As a foreign resident living in India as an expat, it gives me great confidence that the Indian Police handled this so professionally, and i sincerely appreciate the effort,” he wrote.

Of course, our CISF deserves a round of applause.