INDIA bloc only works for vote-bank politics, Modi guarantees OBC quota: PM

The quota meant for OBCs was being given to Muslims, and that too, to infiltrators, he said.

INDIA bloc only works for vote-bank politics, Modi guarantees OBC quota: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the Congress, TMC and their INDIA bloc partners could go to any length to appease their vote-bank of Muslims, but he would not allow them to “snatch” reservation benefits of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes at any cost.

Addressing a BJP election rally in Bhiwani-Mahendragarh, Haryana, he said “you must have seen the Calcutta High Court judgment. The judgment exposed the INDI alliance government’s anti-reservation conspiracy.”

The INDI alliance’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) government had given OBC certificates to Muslims in the last 10-12 years. The quota meant for OBCs was being given to Muslims, and that too, to infiltrators, he said.


The Calcutta High Court cancelled the OBC certificates issued to Muslims in the State in the last 10-12 years, the Prime Minister said. Imagine how things would have been if the court had not delivered its order, and how Dalits, OBCs and Adivasis would have suffered. The Chief Minister says she will not accept the court order and will give OBC reservation benefit to the Muslims, he said.

Mr Modi said this showed the Congress, Trinamool Congress, INDI alliance members stand with their vote-bank, “but who stands with you in Haryana?” As the crowds shouted “Modi, Modi,” he said he wanted to assure every SC, ST and OBC member, “as long as I am alive, none can take their reservation. Modi is chowkidar of rights of deprived sections. This is not an election speech, but Modi’s guarantee,” he said.

The Prime Minister said this election is to elect the PM of the country; “but you will not be only electing a PM, you have to elect the future of the country.” He said “on one side is your tried servant Modi, but who is on the other side. Nothing is known about this. There is no clue.”

Look at the INDIA people, he said, they are dreaming of enjoying power even before results are out. They are planning to have one PM every year for five years. It will come to five PMs in five years. How can a country run like this? People must be laughing at village chaupals in Haryana, he said.

The Prime Minister said the INDI alliance will take this country back to a ditch. “They are terribly communal, casteist and parivaarvadi (family-based politicians). People have already understood the intentions of the INDI alliance. That is why they have reached this miserable condition.

In five rounds, the INDI alliance has lost its voice, he said. They started crying after the third round; they talked about the Election Commission on one ground or the other; delayed data or about EVMs’ functioning.

This showed they started preparing ground to blame for their defeat, he said. That is why they are cursing the EVMs wholeheartedly. “We know a farmer will not sow seeds in a ground which does not yield anything,” he said.

Mr Modi said “when people know the INDI alliance parties are not going to form a government, why should anybody vote for them. Haryana people know, they are not going to form a government in seven lives. Every vote in favour of the Congress is going to go waste,” he said.

Even small children know now who is going to form the next government, he said. People have realized the truth about the Congress in this election. For its vote bank, the Congress and INDI alliance got the country divided into India and two Muslim nations. “Now the INDI alliance people say even on the remaining India, the first claim is of the Muslims,” he said.

The INDI alliance people can do anything for their vote bank, he said. They will snatch reservation benefits given to the SCs, STs, and OBCs by the Constitution, and transfer them to the vote-jihad people, the Prime Minister said.

In Haryana, people say Ram Ram, the whole day, he said. But if the Congress had its way, it could arrest people who speak the name of Lord Ram. As long as it was in power, it did not allow construction of the Ram temple. The Congress boycotted the Pran Pratishtha of the temple. The Congress could even put locks at the Ram temple again, the party wants to send Ram Lalla back to a tented shelter. Should such people get even one vote in Haryana, he said.

The Congress did not allow unfurling of the national Tricolour in Jammu and Kashmir for 70 years and kept Article 370 in force to keep the region “away” from India, the Prime Minister said. Mr Modi said the Congress did not allow one rank-one pension for ex-Servicemen.