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‘Their every tactic failed in Rajasthan’: Ashok Gehlot after winning trust vote

‘Winning the trust vote in the Assembly is a message to the forces that are trying to destabilize elected govts in the country,’ he said.

SNS | New Delhi |

The turmoil which had come to an end after the homecoming of Sachin Pilot and team to the Ashok Gehlot camp has officially come to an end after Congress government in Rajasthan wins the trust vote in the assembly on Friday.

The trust vote was proposed by the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to counter the opposition BJP’s no-confidence motion which it had planned to move in the Assembly after the ‘truce’ between Pilot and Gehlot was announced.

As the trust vote has been passed the Gehlot government can’t be constitutionally attacked by the opposition with the no-confidence motion for next six months, as per the rules.

Just before the session had started, Ashok Gehlot had tweeted: “It would be the victory of the people of #Rajasthan and the unity of our Congress MLAs, it would be a victory of truth: Satyamev Jayate.”

On the victory of the trust vote in the Assembly, he said, “Winning the trust vote in the Assembly is a message to the forces that are trying to destabilize elected govts in the country. Their every tactic failed in Rajasthan. It is the people’s unwavering trust in us & unity of our Congress MLAs that has brought this victory.”

The two leaders met before the Congress Legislative Party meeting at Gehlot’s house with a warm handshake.

At the meeting, Ashok Gehlot gave a call to forget the past, saying, “‘Apne To Apne Hote Hain’. We could have proved majority on the floor of the House even without these 19 MLAs, but then there would have been no happiness around.”

Gehlot further said, “We will move the confidence motion ourselves. We shall also resolve the grievances of our MLAs who are annoyed with us.”

Before the meet, Chief Minister had said “we need to forgive and forget in the interest of country.”

“The struggle of Congress party is to save democracy under leadership of Smt Sonia Gandhi ji & Rahul Gandhi ji. Whatever misunderstanding occurred in the party in last one month, we need to forgive & forget in the interest of country, state, ppl & in the interest of democracy,” he said.

“We have to put all our energies in this fight to save democracy with the spirit of forgive & forget and move forward,” he added.