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Thak Thak gang back in South Delhi, rob Saudi prof, family

The gang is known to employ certain modus operandi to target its victim. They peep inside the vehicle to ascertain if there is anything valuable inside, divert the attention of the driver and as he gets trapped in their net, con and run away with the booty.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

After a long hiatus, the terror of the notorious Thak Thak Gang returned to South Delhi. The latest victim of the gang is a Saudi professor whose family has been robbed.

The incident is said to have occurred at the Defense Colony area when two bike-borne robbers targeted the family of one, Adil Zia, 41, a resident of Alipur, Uttar Pradesh who is a professor in Saudi Arabia, while they were on their way to the IGI Airport. In the incident, the victim lost all his cash and important documents.

According to a police official, the incident took place on August 19 when the victim, Adil Zia, was on his way to the IGI Airport with his family in a cab to catch a flight to Saudi Arabia. He was accompanied by his wife and two children.

As they reached Andrews Ganj bus stop after crossing the Moolchand underpass, the two youths on bike stopped the cab they were travelling in on the pretext of flat tyre. As the cab driver stepped out to check the tyres, one of the accused suddenly hastened to open the back door of the cab and ran away with a handbag kept on the seat. The driver of the car tried to chase them, but they fled the spot under the cover of darkness.

Since both the bikers were wearing a helmet the police could not identify them. However, the modus operandi employed in the crime points to the Thak Thak gang. The gang with its innovative techniques has become a challenge for both commuters on the road and the police.

According to a police source, the Thak Thak gang plays with the mind of their prey. They come near your vehicle and peep inside to ascertain if there is anything valuable inside. They employ various tactics to divert the attention of the driver of the vehicle and as he gets trapped in their net, they con and run away with the booty before the victim gets a hint about what is happening.

Modus operandi

A police source said, the Thak Thak Gang shadows the targeted vehicle on a two-wheeler. After getting a hint of valuables in the vehicle, they either puncture the tyre of the targeted vehicle or throw some chemical on the bonnet or bumper taking the advantage of traffic congestion or at a red light. Then, they follow the vehicle and signal the driver to stop. As the driver gets busy inspecting his vehicle for tyre puncture or an engine oil leak, they lift the bag or valuable items from the car and flee the spot.

In yet another technique, one of the gang members drops some currency notes near the driver’s seat on the road and later asks him if his money has fallen. The unassuming driver unlocks the car to pick up the notes. It is when the other member of the gang walks from behind and opens the rear door and steals the valuables kept behind.

The gang even diverts attention from the victim by claiming that the driver has run over their friend’s foot or that the victim’s car is damaged because of his rash driving. The moment the door is unlocked, the other member flees with the bag kept in the rear seat.

A police official warned vehicle owners to not open the doors, no matter what they claim has happened. If you are carrying any valuables or cash, keep it concealed in the boot or tucked under the seats.