With the total number of coronavirus positive cases in the state going up to 42, the Tamil Nadu government has chalked out a detailed containment plan in 10 districts where these cases have been reported, said an official.

According to Health Secretary Beela Rajesh, starting Sunday morning, officials would be marking out a seven kilometre radius from the residence of the person who had tested Coronavirus positive. Within this radius, officials will check each house to ascertain whether anyone in the family show signs of coronavirus infection, she said.

The official said those who are over 60 years of age and those having chronic ailments will also be enlisted and would be advised self-isolation and provided with masks.

She said the government will be increasing the number of isolation wards in the state and also train the government doctors.

Rajesh said the testing facilities are also being increased and the quarantine facilities augmented.

She said the state has moved into the second stage in coronavirus spread and steps are being taken to prevent the community spread, which is third stage.