A three-member committee has been constituted by the Supreme Court to talk to the Shaheen Bagh protesters and resolve the issue.

The apex court had appointed three interlocutors yesterday while hearing the petition seeking to change the site of protesters from the Shaheen Bagh to elsewhere. The committee would be headed by advocate Sanjay Hegde.

“We are concerned, what will happen if people start hitting the streets and blocking the roads while protesting, it is a concern,” a bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice KM Joseph said.

The opposition Congress had attacked the government for not engaging the people who are against the contentious CAA.

“Thousands of women from around the country have been protesting against the unconstitutional CAA, however, the arrogant BJP government hasn’t once acknowledged these voices,” Congress had said.

It further alleged those raising voices are being painted as anti-national and the government should have talked to them.