The Gujarat Assembly on Wednesday witnessed unruly scenes after two members of the ruling BJP and opposition Congress came to blows with each other.

The ruckus began when Speaker Rajendra Trivedi stopped Vikram Madam of the Congress from expressing his views during a discussion on an issue after the Question Hour.

Madam, however, insisted that he would speak and was supported, at that time, by Congress MLA Amrish Der, who asked the Speaker to allow Madam to speak.

The Speaker objected to his tone, following which Madam and Der rushed to the Well of the House in protest. Trivedi then suspended both the Congress MLAs for the day and they were taken out of the Assembly by the marshals.

As per media reports, at this point of time, BJP’s Jagdish Panchal made a remark, which enraged Congress MLA Pratap Dudhat, who then attacked Panchal with a microphone and allegedly also punched him.

After the attack on Panchal, the Speaker suspended Dudhat for the entire Budget Session of the Assembly. The Speaker then adjourned the House for 10 minutes.

In the meantime, Der entered the House from the back door and attacked Panchal.

The other BJP members present in the House came to Panchal’s rescue and retaliated and surrounded Der and rained kicks and punches on him.

(With agency inputs)