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Rekindle reverence for nature to save the planet: Sri Sri

He said, “Indigenous cultures have all considered the sun, water, mountains, and wind as sacred. These (resources) are essential for sustainable growth and development of the planet”.

Statesman News Service | Bengaluru |

A two-day International Climate Summit 2022 titled ‘Opportunities for Green Hydrogen in India’ kicked off on Tuesday in Bergen, Norway. The event was attended by representatives from industry bodies, academicians, researchers, and policymakers who warned against the repercussions of climate-change-led disasters. Speakers and representatives used the podium for deliberating on the future of green energy, particularly use of green hydrogen and advocated for greener and safer energy alternatives.

The dignitaries and speakers present for the inaugural event included Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Transport, Government of India, Jan Christian Vestre, Minister of Trade and Industry, Norway, Espen Barth Eide, Minister of Climate and Environment, Norway, Erik Solheim, Chairman, Green Hydrogen Organisation – GH2, among others.

Spiritual leader, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, was also invited to give the opening address. He emphasised the need to raise awareness about climate change and rekindle reverence for natural resources to save the planet. On the occasion, he recounted how his foundation, Art of Living, rejuvenated and revived 48 rivers across India benefiting more than 34.5 million people and 81 million trees planted across 36 countries.

He said, “Indigenous cultures have all considered the sun, water, mountains, and wind as sacred. These (resources) are essential for sustainable growth and development of the planet. We need to plant more trees. We need to take care of our water resources. We need to save the earth from the harmful chemicals and fertilizers that land up there and from there into our bodies.”

He further mentioned how India and Norway made a breakthrough in two areas – conflict resolution, and environmental protection. He explained about the ancient Indian tradition where if a tree had to be cut, then the person cutting the tree needed to make sure seeds are sown for five more trees to grow in its place.

While expressing concern over a series of natural disasters including the devastating floods in Pakistan, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “Green energy is the only way we can sustain our planet”.

Nitin Gadkari, in his address, said, “India has the potential to become the largest producer of green hydrogen.”

He also stressed the need to raise awareness about certain practices that harm the environment and health of people like stubble burning.

The event was organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with Invest India (National Investment Promotion & Facilitation Agency), Greenstat Norway, and Norwegian Hydrogen Forum.

Some of the key focus areas of the summit include identifying incentives for setting up mega-scale hydrogen plants in India for industrial and domestic consumption, setting up and developing the right infrastructure for transport and storage of green hydrogen, cost-effective technologies, R&D collaborative tie-ups, setting up of Centre of Excellence, mapping of available standards and policies with respect to International standards and ways to achieve sustainable energy security coupled with direction on achieving net zero targets of India.