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Ramdev lays bare ‘pain’ suffered at BJP hands

Was offended with BJP snub on establishing independent Vedic education board for schools imparting Gurukul education system.

Raju Gusain | Dehradun |


Earlier this month, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev had announced that he won’t campaign for the Bharatiya Janata Party for the 2019 general elections.

The statement surprised all, as Ramdev had openly supported BJP during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

But, during the inauguration of new campus of Acharyakulam at Haridwar on Thursday, in which BJP president Amit Shah was the chief guest, Baba openly shared one of the ‘pains’ suffered at the hands of BJP.

When BJP was voted to power, Baba Ramdev used to constantly repeat about setting up an autonomous board for Vedic education.

He had started his ambitious education project under the name of Acharyakulam. When the Modi government failed to set up the Vedic education board, Baba Ramdev had no other option except to continue operating his school project under the Central Board for School Education.

Speaking about it, Baba Ramdev said, “I have not told even media about it and more or less remained silent for four years. But, now with the assurance of Amit Bhai I am hopeful that we will have a separate Vedic education board soon.”

The relationship between BJP and Baba Ramdev constantly change colour.

Ramdev was offended with the move not to establish an independent Vedic education board for managing schools imparting the traditional Gurukul education system- deep rooted in Yog, Sanskrit, Veda, etc with modern education system- despite his request.

Controlling the situation, BJP president Amt Shah said: “This got delayed due to some administrative problem. But, I fully support your idea.”

Patanjali Yogpeeth terms Acharyakulam an alternative for the Macaulay education system, which British designed to damage the traditional education system of India.

A Press statement of the Yogpeeth states, “Acharyakulam is based on Indian education system where along with modern and Vedic education, creation of the world class citizens is also done.”

Along with its work for economic independence for India, Patanjali is working tirelessly towards saving India from the dependence and slavery of foreign education systems, foreign medical systems, foreign food and foreign thought process. Acharyakulam will play a significant role in taking India out of the trap of foreign system of education.”

One of the most cherished dreams of Swami Ramdev to have institutes like Acharyakulam in every part of India.

The process failed to take off after the Vedic education board concept got stuck in New Delhi.

The function also gave a chance to Yog Guru to share another secret linked with BJP president Amit Shah.

Baba Ramdev claimed that Amit Shah has lost 20-25 kg of his weight by diet control and by using Amla, aloe vera and Giloy juices manufactured by Patanjali.