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Punjab Congress accuses AAP Govt of politics of vendetta

“Enough is enough!” declared Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring while warning the government against an alleged witch-hunt against the party leader.

Statesman News Service | Chandigarh |

Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, on Thursday, lashed out at the Aam Aadmi Party Government for unleashing a war of vendetta on Congress leaders and asserted that the party will fight it back in the same measure in the people’s court.
He also announced state-wide protests against “the protection and patronage granted to minister Fauja Singh Sarari despite irrefutable evidence against him about planning to extort money from a contractor”.
“Enough is enough!” he declared and warned the AAP government “we cannot take it lying down when you choose people at your whims and fancy to victimize and intimidate them without any evidence or proof”.
The Congress leader questioned the double standards of the government saying the AAP government had let off two of its ministers Vijay Singla and Fauja Singh Sarari scot-free.
“You enacted a drama in the case of Singla and then did not pursue the matter effectively in the court as you either did not have evidence, despite claiming it publicly or then hid it from the court to shield him”, he said.
Warring said there is an open and shut case against Sarari, whose own officer on special duty (OSD) has admitted the audio recording to be authentic. “Leave aside taking any action against him, you have not even started an investigation,” he added.
Referring to cases against Congress leaders like Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, Sangat Singh Gilzian, Bharat Bhushan Ashu, Captain Sandeep Sandhu and many others, Warring said, “Just because someone alleged that he paid money to so and so or he was asked by him to do a particular thing you have registered FIRs and put a former minister in jail”.
He said a number of Congress sarpanches and grassroots workers were also being victimised and subject to vendetta. This is dictatorial and unacceptable, the Congress leader warned.
“The AAP is setting a dangerous trend and precedent and there will be no end to it, if not stopped here and now”, Warring warned adding “you are not going to remain in power forever”.
He also warned the police officers against blindly following the diktats of the AAP government. “Apply your mind and go by evidence and not their blind vindictive instructions”, he told the police officials while adding, “AAP may have to settle some political score with us, why are you becoming a party?”
Warring said, there has to be an end to vendetta and victimisation of the Congress leaders. “We will take the protest to the streets and we cannot take it lying down anymore”, he said while asking the government to bring in evidence against those slapped with false cases or stop this vendetta politics.
“Beware people of Punjab are watching you and they did not elect you for unleashing vendetta against your political opponents, they elected you for governance, which you neither know how to govern nor seem to have any intention at learning”, he told the AAP government.