Bheem Army chief, Chandrashekhar Azad alias Ravan, who is admitted to a hospital here, has said that he will contest the Lok Sabha election against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

With this announcement, Chandrashekhar has virtually put a stamp on his intention to take on PM Narendra Modi directly. Earlier, the Bheem Army chief had said that his outfit will not participate in the elections.

Chandrasekhar is presently admitted to the Anand Hospital where he was brought on Tuesday in a critical condition. His condition is now stated to be stable though it is not yet clear when he would be discharged.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi would be visiting Chandrashekhar on Wednesday.

Dr NP Singh from the hospital said that he is still undergoing treatment though he is in a condition to do his routine work. Chandrashekhar is a patient of polycythemia and he developed respiratory problems on Tuesday during his detention in Deoband due to overcrowding.  Polycythemia is a disease in which the volume percentage of red blood cells in the blood is elevated.

Yet to recover fully, Chandrasekhar has said that he is determined to go ahead with the proposed “Bahujan Hunkar rally” on Friday in Delhi. He has called upon his supporters to come out in large numbers.

While speaking on Wednesday, he said that the rally will take place in Delhi as per the schedule and averred that he would “attend it till there is a single drop of blood in his body”.

Meanwhile, the Bheem Army activists are working day and night to ensure the success of the rally. Kamal Walia, district president of Saharanpur, who is accompanying Chandrashekhar, said that people have been asked to participate in the rally.