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President Kovind: Cyber, space threats require upgraded technological responses

President Kovind: Cyber, space threats require upgraded technological responses

Photo: IANS

The emerging threats in the cyber world and space require state-of-the-art technological responses, President Ram Nath Kovind said on Wednesday.

During his address at the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, the President said, “Use of advanced technology by non-state actors also calls for an upgraded response.”

He further stated that issues like climate change may have an impact on security preparedness. “All such issues influence the security calculus of the nation. You have to comprehend their implications so that you are better prepared to deal with them,” he told the young student officers, including 30 from other countries who are also attending this course.


He said that significant changes are instituted in the higher defence organisation of the country and impetus is also being provided to indigenisation and self-sufficiency in the defence sector. “These initiatives have been taken with a view to making the Armed Forces’ future-ready,” he stressed.

He told the young student officers that as they go up the ladder of growth, they will have to graduate from the level of single service competencies to multi-domain challenges.

“That requires a greater understanding of joint and multi-domain operations,” he said.

He also praised the Indian Armed Forces stating they have earned the regard of their fellow citizens by untiring efforts and great sacrifices.

“They have rendered invaluable services to the nation during the times of war and peace. They have discharged their duties with dedication and courage while facing internal and external security challenges, and in times of natural calamities,” he said.

The President appreciated the outstanding grit and determination displayed by men and women of the Armed Forces in dealing with the situation on borders as well as the Covid-19 pandemic.

He also talked about his recent visit to Kashmir valley on the Kargil Vijay Diwas where he interacted with officers and soldiers. “I felt very happy to observe their high morale and dedication to duty. Most of you have been among the frontline warriors, dealing with these challenges,” he said.

Kovind said that India is passing through challenging times, which is full of changes and the concepts of National Security and Defence are also changing.

“Geo-strategic and geo-political compulsions and many other factors have made the security landscape more complex. Low-intensity conflicts, counter-terrorism and non-combat conflicts pose different challenges,” said the President, urging the officers that there is a need to have a thorough understanding of all aspects.

“In these changing times, we have to think of new ways to secure our national interests and ensure our national security. This would require a fresh approach,” he said.

He told the young officers that as defence professionals they have to be a knowledge warriors. “You build upon the experiences of the past, align such learning to the current context and upgrade your knowledge to become ready for the future,” the President said.