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In poll-bound Himachal, AAP announces five guarantees of education

Sisodia said if the AAP forms government in Himachal, every child will be given free and good education.

Statesman News Service | Shimla |

Aam Admi Party (AAP) Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, on Wednesday, announced five guarantees of education for Himachal Pradesh.

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann, Rajya Sabha MP and Himachal co-in-charge Sandeep Pathak and AAP state president Surjit Thakur were present in the programme.

Sisodia said if the AAP forms government in Himachal, every child will be given free and good education.

“The existing government schools in Himachal Pradesh will be beautified and upgraded on the lines of Delhi model, which will beat private schools,” he said.

Himachal’s private schools will not be allowed to increase the unjustified fee hike like in Delhi, temporary teachers will be regularized and vacant posts will be filled, he said, adding that no extra work other than teaching will be assigned to the teachers in the schools.

Giving guarantee of education, Sisodia who is also Delhi Education Minister  said that private schools in Himachal will not be allowed to increase fees unjustifiedly. The entire government will have control over the fee hike, for which a committee will also be formed and an audit will also be done.

He said, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has controlled the fee hike of private schools by enacting such a law in Punjab also. When our government was formed in Delhi in 2015, the condition of government schools in Delhi was as bad as it is in Himachal today.

Before announcing the guarantee, Sisodia said that the condition of government schools in Himachal is not good.

Blaming the incumbent BJP government for playing with the future of 11 lakh children in government schools, he said, “Two thousand schools are running in the state with the help of one teacher. A teacher is teaching five classes in 2000 schools in the state. If we can make the future of 18 lakh children of government schools bright in Delhi, the same can be replicated in the government schools in Himachal Pradesh.”

This work, he said, has to be done by the people of state by voting in the name of education and it’s a guarantee that the education system will be improved, he asserted.

 “This time the people of Himachal have to press the vote button for the future of their children,” said Sisodia.

Asserting that the time for change has come in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann urged people of the hill state to follow the example of Punjab and elect a pro-people and result oriented government in the coming  Vidhan Sabha polls.

He said that the time has come when the people of Himachal should make a choice between the ‘performance’ of AAP which is working tirelessly and lip service of traditional parties who have ruined the country.

Mann said that the situation in Himachal Pradesh is not different from that of Punjab, prior to March 2022, as there had been a bi-polar contest between traditional parties.

“These parties always duped the people by plundering taxpayers’ money. The people of Punjab threw them out,” he said.