Being one of the densely populated democracies in the world, India has controlled the Coronavirus pandemic efficiently and effectively. The correct decisions and right measures have been imposed early in the country. Strict orders for the nationwide lockdown and aggressive actions taken by the Modi govt has saved many lives and has suppressed the disease in a timely manner.

In the initial stages the number of cases have not been as much as it reached at the moment majorly due to the disaster created by Tablighi Jamaat members. Even after such incidents, the country with a population of 1.3 billion people has saved its citizens from getting infected.

Amidst all this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been acknowledged as one of the greatest leaders in the world according to Morning Consult approval ratings.As it was acknowledged that India has effectively dealt with the outbreak of coronavirus in comparison to other world’s developed and developing countries.

PM Modi has the highest approval ratings as of April 14, his rating went up from 62 to 68 for being the most popular leader among other world’s leader. Whereas, the lowest rating goes to Japan’s Abe as per the Morning Consult’s data. The Survey has been done among ten countries, where Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexican president received the second-highest net approval over that period (36), though it fell slightly from 39 in the month of January. Moreover, Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister has bagged 26 approval ratings in the largest surge in domestic popularity from negative 26 in January.

As per the graph presented by the Morning Consult’s tracker, the blue graph for PM Modi has gone up as compared to any other world leader and their approval ratings.

PM Modi

Strikingly, PM Modi’s Net Approval rating was 62 back in january, now it has surged to 68, which gives him a massive lead.

Narendra Modi

The nationwide lockdown has been extended to May 3, as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 14, due to rise in the coronavirus cases from the Tablighi Jamaat linked individuals. “Till April 20, every area, district, city, state will be keenly observed and checked how the lockdown is being followed. Whichever area succeeds in this 1-week test, will get some conditional relief and relaxation” as addressed by Prime Minister Modi to flatten the curve of Coronavirus cases in India.