New Parliament: PM accuses Opposition of insulting the country

Modi said the 20 parties which boycotted the inauguration of the new parliament building missed one in a lifetime opportunity.

New Parliament: PM accuses Opposition of insulting the country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Photo: IANS)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Congress and other parties for boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament building calling it an insult to the sentiments of people of the country and the nation. He said the 20 parties behind the boycott were engaging themselves in ‘Rajnitik kichad uchalne mein” (political mudslinging).

Addressing a BJP rally at Kayad Vishramsthali at Ajmer in Rajasthan, Narendra Modi said, “Such opportunities and moments come once in life after many generations, many years, but the Congress wasted this moment for its self-serving opposition. It has insulted the sentiments of the country and 60,000 labourers who built it.”

Earlier, the prime minister, after landing by an army chopper at Pushkar, went straight to Brahma Temple to pray and walked around the temple; the sole temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in India, and interacted with senior priests.


Speaking at the rally, the prime minister said, “It goes to the credit of Congress’ arrogance that a “garib ka beta” (son of poor) stood in front of them. The party was sad that its hegemony could not continue. They are angry because the poor son is questioning their corruption and nepotism,” he said.

Sounding bugle for the upcoming assembly election in Rajasthan, Modi directly attacked the Gehlot Government alleging that its MLAs, ministers and even the chief minister were busy fighting with each other indifferent to the needs of the public for the last five years.”

“The crime (in the state) has reached to its peak, people are not able to celebrate festivals peacefully, and are scared of clashes erupting every now and then. Here, Congress is very kind to terrorists; it is immersed in the appeasement of terrorists. Women and daughters, Dalits, minorities and labourers are not safe while criminals have field day,” he alleged.

“Speaking the truth, the Congress in the country and in Rajasthan has no programme nor does it have any agenda. It has evolved a new formula of making “jhuti guarantee” (false guarantee) to the public at the time of elections,” the PM said, asking whether the Gehlot Government fulfilled its promise to waive off farmers’ loans in ten days after taking over the government in 2018.

Asking the audience whether they got any of the guarantees fulfilled in the last five years in the Congress rule, Modi said, “Had the Congress fulfilled a single promise in its ruling period, the country or the Congress ruled states would have gone bankrupt. Hence the Congress has no such vision and policy for the development of the country.”

“But, in nine years we have rejuvenated the country. We have developed modern infrastructure, railway, airports, and national highways that are not less than any other developed nation. In times to come, India will be the biggest manufacturing hub in the world. India will be one of the biggest importers and one of the best tourist destinations in the world,” he claimed.

In an emotionally-charged tone, the prime minister addressed the mammoth rally, saying, “After working for nine years without stop, I am getting tired. I have 140 crore people for family, they are my God. I will always be connected to you for your bright future.”

Recalling late Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure, Modi recalled the former prime minister had said only one of every ten rupees spent by the government reaches the intended beneficiaries.

On the occasion, the prime minister listed his government’s policies saying the benefits of the policies reached to the people of Rajasthan too.