Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed students at the School Education Conclave on Friday and talked about the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

“The New education policy will sow the seeds for starting a new era, will give new direction to 21st century India,” PM Modi said.

“NEP 2020 is a way to fulfil the new aspirations and new hopes for our new India. It needs to be implemented effectively across the country and we need to do it together,” PM said.

PM Modi told that within the past week, the Education Ministry has received over 15 lakh suggestions on its implementation.

“By 2022, every student will be evolved into the new education policy. I urge all teachers, NGOs, organisations, students, and parents to join the national mission. With your support the nation will implement the NEP successfully,” he said.

Highlighting the significance of mother tongue, he said, “Language is just a mode of study and not a study in itself. We need to see that most of the energy of students should not be spent on learning the language rather than the subject. A child should understand what they are taught.”

“In a lot of countries, elementary education is imparted in their mother tongue. It is a known fact that students learn better in the language they speak at home. In rural areas, parents are not associated with a child’s learning because of the mode of teaching at school. At least till class 5, students should be taught in the mother tongue. Along with the mother tongue, students will be taught international languages including English but Indian languages will also be promoted,” PM said.

PM further said that when a student will start a question, his or her curiosity will be built and they will start learning on their own. If a student will look at the practical aspect of their knowledge, they will learn better.

“A large section of students is kept away from the practical aspect of education. Many vocational trainings are often looked down upon. We need to sensitise our students,” he added.