NCRTC ensures Namo Bharat trains keep shining, stations remain clean

The NCRTC is dedicated not only to ensuring the punctuality of Namo Bharat trains for passengers but also to upholding cleanliness standards at all stations.

NCRTC ensures Namo Bharat trains keep shining, stations remain clean

Photo courtesy: X/Hardeep Singh Puri

The National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) on Monday said it is committed to providing passengers of the Namo Bharat train with not only fast and convenient but also clean and safe public transportation services.

Namo Bharat train operations started in October last year. Now, passenger operations are continuing on the 34 km extended section from Sahibabad to Modinagar North. Currently, this service is available to passengers every 15 minutes. The target is to complete the entire 82 km long Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) corridor from Delhi to Meerut by June 2025.

The NCRTC is dedicated not only to ensuring the punctuality of Namo Bharat trains for passengers but also to upholding cleanliness standards at all stations. Each day, the NCRTC ensures that the country’s inaugural Namo Bharat train and RRTS stations maintain a pristine appearance.


“Before commencing revenue service operations, meticulous efforts are made to ensure that Namo Bharat trains are both clean and technically sound,” a spokesperson of the NCRTC said.

“Presently, 12-15 housekeeping workers are stationed for cleaning duties at Namo Bharat RRTS stations. Cleaning operations commence nightly immediately following the conclusion of train services and persist throughout the night. As part of this initiative, the entire platform and concourse levels are thoroughly cleaned using mechanized equipment, with floors also being mopped. This cleaning sequence is repeated multiple times each day, ensuring a consistently hygienic environment for commuters,” the spokesperson said.

Moreover, throughout daytime train operations, sweepers maintain regular cleaning of platforms, concourse levels, and the exterior areas surrounding the station. Cleaning extends to lifts, grills, and other surfaces, with the assistance of mechanized equipment for tasks like mopping. The bulk of cleaning tasks is efficiently handled by modern machines.

“Should the need for cleaning arise during train operations, immediate action is taken to address it promptly. This proactive approach ensures that cleanliness standards are upheld consistently, enhancing the overall passenger experience,” the spokesperson said.

“Constant monitoring of cleanliness underscores NCRTC’s unwavering dedication to providing passengers with top-tier public transportation amenities. The Namo Bharat service has garnered praise for its outstanding features across diverse online platforms, including social media and YouTube. This positive feedback reflects the effectiveness of NCRTC’s efforts in delivering high-quality public transport services,” the spokesperson said.

At present, the internal maintenance and cleaning operations for Namo Bharat trains are conducted at the RRTS Depot in Duhai. State-of-the-art mechanized equipment is employed for thorough cleaning, supplemented by manual cleaning by sweepers where needed. Following the conclusion of revenue service each day, the train undergoes a comprehensive interior cleaning regimen upon reaching the depot. This cleaning process spans from 10 pm to 6 am, ensuring the train is immaculate for its next journey.

Both inside and outside the train, NCRTC diligently monitors not just safety but also cleanliness, aided by CCTV surveillance. Notably, passengers actively contribute, showing a strong awareness of cleanliness and even intervening to deter littering by fellow travellers. This conscientious attitude is particularly evident in cities like Ghaziabad and Modinagar.

Furthermore, commendations for the cleanliness of both Namo Bharat trains and stations abound on social media platforms like YouTube, with many users and channels praising NCRTC’s efforts. The continuous influx of positive feedback from Namo Bharat train passengers further underscores NCRTC’s commitment to maintaining high cleanliness standards.

The external cleaning of Namo Bharat trains is scheduled every third day at the Automatic Train Washing Plant located within the RRTS Depot in Duhai. This process involves utilizing brushes, water, and soap to cleanse the outer surfaces of the train. Additionally, a comprehensive deep-cleaning session occurs monthly, where the train is brought to the Internal Cleaning Shed (ICS).

During this period, the train undergoes meticulous inspection, addressing any technical or other issues that may arise. Furthermore, both internal and external surfaces are thoroughly washed and polished, ensuring the train maintains its pristine condition.