RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday said that the meaning of ‘Nationalism’ is Hitler, Nazism, and Fascism and urged people not to use the word.

Bhagwat’s remarks came while speaking at a five-day RSS event in Ranchi.

“Do not use the word ‘Nationalism’. Use ‘National’, ‘Nationality’, ‘Nation’. The aim of the Sangh is to boost the feeling of patriotism and feeling of Hinduism,” Bhagwat said at the event.

He said that the aim of RSS is nothing more than uniting the Hindu society and not to interfere in the federal system of the country.

“The aim of Sangh is nothing more than uniting the Hindu society. It does not mean that Sangh interferes with the federal system of the country. The Swayamsevaks are dedicated to their aim. By feeling proud of the culture of our country we have to work to take the country to new heights. We have to make India a world ‘Guru,” he added.

“Sangh does not want to become big for itself and same is the case with India. Many countries that became too big met their downfall. In today’s world, superpowers use the world’s resources for themselves and try to impose their will on other countries. The scholars feel that any country becoming big is not good for the world,” Bhagwat said.

He further said that when India has become big then it has served the interest of the world and now today the world needs us.

“It is not that India will become world Guru by speeches of Sangh. No one will say thank you in the making of the country. The country gives us everything and we should learn that we also have to contribute for the country,” he said.