Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing an informal meeting of BRICS leaders in Japan’s Osaka on Friday said that terrorism is the biggest threat to humanity which not only kills innocents but also severely affects the economic development and social stability.

Speaking at the meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit, Modi said India will do its best to ensure that the next BRICS Summit in Brazil is a success.

“We must all come together and fight the menace of terrorism. Terrorism not only targets the innocent, but it also creates an environment that is dangerous. We must all make it a priority to do all we can to curb and end terrorism on a global scale,” he said.

He further urged the world leaders to put an end to the financing of terror outfits.

The Prime Minister, who is in Osaka for the G20 Summit, congratulated Jair Bolsonaro on being elected as the President of Brazil and welcomed him in the BRICS family. He also congratulated Cyril Ramaphosa on his election as the President of South Africa.

In his remarks, Modi spoke about strengthening the WTO, fighting protectionism, ensuring energy security and the need to work together to fight terrorism.

“Today, I will focus on the three major challenges. First is the instability and downfall in the global economy. Unilateralism and competitiveness are overshadowing the rule-based multilateral global trade systems.

“Deficiency of resources, there is a shortfall of almost USD 1.3 trillion investment in the infrastructure,” he said.

The second one is to make development sustainable and all-inclusive. Fast changing technologies like digitalisation and climate change pose a challenge to the current as well as future generations, Modi said.

Development is worthwhile only when it reduces inequality and contribute in empowerment, he said.

PM Modi also put forth a five-point approach on how BRICS countries can lead the way in addressing global challenges:

  • Reformed multilateralism by improving international, financial and business institutions
  • Energy security and access to energy
  • India’s initiative for Coalition for Disaster-Resilient Infrastructure
  • Ease of movement for skilled workers
  • Hosting a global conference on countering terrorism