The Ministry of External Affairs on Tuesday strongly condemns and deplores action of the Pakistani authorities against two Indian staffers in Indian Mission in Islamabad.

The Ministry further said that the two Indian officials in Islamabad were subjected to interrogation and physical assault resulting in grievous injuries.

“Attempt by Pak authorities to levy false accusations, concocted charges on officials of Indian high commission is rejected in entirety,” the ministry said.

As per the reports, the two staffers were abducted by about 15 men near a petrol station in Islamabad. They were tortured continuously for around 12 hours before being released.

The Pakistani authorities had claimed the two officers were apprehended on the charges of a road accident.

MEA had summoned the Charge d’ Affaires of High Commission of Pakistan, Haider Shah and lodged a strong protest on the issue of abduction and torture of two officials of the High Commission of India in Islamabad by Pakistan security agencies.

“The abductors, who we believe were from Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), repeatedly told them this is the treatment that would be meted out to other mission officials as well in future,” HT quoted a government source as saying.

According to the reports, the Indian officials were regularly punched, beaten with rods and wooden sticks and were made to drink filthy water as they abductors forced them to confess under duress that they had committed an accident.

Reports said they were interrogated regarding the specific role and function of all High Commission officials down to the lowest staff.

The two staffers were handed back last night to the Indian High Commission.