BSP president Mayawati on Friday wrote a letter to President Ram Nath Kovind, demanding a high-level judicial probe monitored by a Supreme Court judge into the violent clashes in Delhi that have left at least 42 people dead and over 200 injured.

Stressing that the violence has “trampled” Delhi like during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, Mayawati termed them as most serious and unfortunate and said they have drawn the concern of the world and got negative publicity.

In the letter, she stated that an inquiry into the communal riots was necessary so that a “conclusion can be reached and stains on the national capital, like that of the anti-Sikh riots, could be washed off to some extent”.

“The ruling party and the government have a special duty to see that neither they do anything that would damage the prestige of the country nor do their partymen give any statement or indulge in acts that would lead to anarchy and violence and become international headlines,” Mayawati said.

The BSP president charged that the “country has seen and felt that BJP and its government have failed to fulfil its legal and Constitutional duty as a result of which about three dozen lives have been lost and 200 have been injured and several businesses destroyed in times of high inflation, poverty and unemployment.”

She also urged the President to direct the Delhi and Central governments to provide relief and assistance to those affected.

Mayawati said “negligence” and “failure” of the Delhi Police and administration in the riots was for everyone to see.