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Mann ki baat: PM Modi talks about youth, poverty in last episode of 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 60th edition of his monthly radio programme, Mann ki Baat where he invites suggestions, stories and ideas from people, this is also the final episode for this year.

SNS | New Delhi |

In the last episode of his monthly radio programme Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday spoke on wide range of issues from what the youth of this country wants to women rising from poverty.

Amid nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR), and National Register of Citizens (NRC) which are mainly led by the students, PM Modi said, “in the coming decade, young India will play a key role. Today’s youth believes in the system and also has an opinion on a wide range of issues. I consider this to be a great thing. What today’s youth dislikes is instability, chaos, nepotism.”

“Young people are filled with energy and dynamism and have the power to bring change. This decade will be the decade of young people. This generation plays a big role in developing the country.”

“For some they are millennials; others call them generation Z to Gen Zee too, and broadly speaking, one thing that has captured the collective psyche is that this is the ‘Social Media Generation’.” He added, “All of us experience that this generation is extremely talented.

Also welcoming the new year PM said, “The moment of 2019 farewell is upon us, now we will not only enter the new year, but will enter the new decade. In this, those people who are born in the 21st century will play an active role in accelerating the development of the country.”

Speaking about women empowerment he said, “Women have risen from poverty with resolve and determination. In UP’s Phulpur, women learnt how to make footwear and with this effort, they not only removed the thorns which hurt their feet but became self-dependent to support their families. A factory has also been set up in the village and I want to laud the local police and their families for encouraging these women.”

PM Modi also remembered Swami Vivekananda on the coming 50th rock anniversary, “Swami Vivekananda used to say that the value of youth cannot be judged. This is the most valuable period of life. Your life depends on how you use your youth and 50th anniversary of the Vivekananda Rock memorial is approaching. The President had visited the Vivekananda rock in Kanyakumari recently and I urge youngsters to visit this rock. We study in different colleges, universities and schools, but after studying Alumni meet is a very good opportunity. On this occasion, all the youth are lost in old memories, it is a different joy.”

Speaking on rural health initiative taken by local Bihar school alumni PM said, “I wish to present before you a special occasion. Just recently, I came across on the media, a story on the Bhairavganj Health Centre in the West Champaran district of Bihar. At this Bhairavganj Health Centre, thousands of people from neighbouring villages converged for a free health check up. This was not a government programme, nor was it a government initiative. This was a step taken as part of an Alumni Meet organized by former students of the local K.R. High School. They named it Sankalp95. ‘Sankalp 95’ means, the resolve undertaken by the 1995 Batch of that High School.”

Promoting his Make in India inititative, PM Modi urged people to use local products and said, “We attained freedom owing to sacrifice and penance of innumerable people; a freedom that we are fully enjoying. They all made sacrifices, firmly carrying that dream in their hearts….that of a free India…for the sake of a prosperous, flourishing and free India. My dear countrymen, can we pledge, that by 2022, when we achieve 75 years of independence we insist and remain steadfast at least, for about two-three years on buying local products?”

He also spoke about Jammu and Kashmir programme called Himayat Mission which ensures skill development and provides employment. “The Himayat programme is actually associated with skill development and employment. There are many examples of talented youth who have become symbols of change in Jammu and Kashmir, benefiting from ‘Himayat Mission’. This program has given a new found confidence to the youth in Jammu and Kashmir, and shown them a way to forge ahead,” he said.