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‘Don’t be disheartened’: Leaders laud ISRO efforts after Chandrayaan-2 lander loses contact

President Ram Nath Kovind praised the ‘exemplary courage and commitment’ of ISRO and said that the country was proud of it.

SNS | New Delhi |

Leaders across the political spectrum praised the ISRO and urged its scientists not to lose heart after Chandrayaan-2 heartbreak early on Saturday as communications between India’s moon lander Vikram and the orbiter got snapped as the former was only 2.1 km away from its designated landing spot on the moon’s South Pole.

As a pall of gloom descended over the ISRO centre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who along with students from across the country had gathered to witness the historic event, asked the scientists to be “courageous and not lose hope”.

After the announcement of communication snap, PM Modi patted ISRO chief K Sivan on his back and told the scientists that “what you have done (already) is not a small achievement”.

“India is proud of our scientists! They’ve given their best and have always made India proud. These are moments to be courageous, and courageous we will be!” the Prime Minister said in an early morning tweet.

President Ram Nath Kovind praised the “exemplary courage and commitment” of ISRO and said that the country was proud of it.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi congratulated the ISRO team for their incredible work on the Chandrayaan-2 moon mission.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu expressed his gratitude to the ISRO scientists for their hard work and dedication in trying to conquer new frontiers in space exploration.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the ISRO’s attempts in getting the Chandrayaan-2 close to the moon’s surface has made every Indian proud.

“India stands with our committed and hard working scientists at ISRO. My best wishes for future endeavours,” he tweeted.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said India is proud of ISRO and its team of scientists.

Congress said that the entire country stands with the ISRO.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also praised the scientists for their achievements in space.

“Every Indian is proud of the exceptional achievements of ISRO,” Union minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the ISRO scientists have done a great job on the Chandrayaan-2 Moon mission.

Bhutan PM Lotay Tshering said that his country was proud of India and its scientists.

Chandrayaan-2 was launched into space on July 22 by India’s heavy lift rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV Mk III) in a text book style.

The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft comprised three segments – the Orbiter (weighing 2,379 kg, eight payloads), ‘Vikram’ (1,471 kg, four payloads) and rover ‘Pragyan’ (27 kg, two payloads).

After five earth-bound orbit raising activities, Chandrayaan-2 was inserted into lunar orbit. The lander Vikram carrying the rover Pragyan separated from Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft on September 2, in its journey towards the moon.