An Incident of fake propaganda of “freedom” in Kashmir has been exposed after a photo went viral in which a Kashmiri child has been used as a shield by an elderly person to carry a placard “We want freedom” written on it.

The hands of the elderly person hiding behind the wall and helping the child carry the placard are visible in the photo that is being circulated on the social media since Saturday.

The idea behind the photo that has been circulated by a foreign news agency was probably to show that even small kids in Kashmir were demanding freedom after the abrogation of Article 370 by the Modi government.

While some anti-India elements posted the picture on their social media accounts, others caught the lie and the fake propaganda and also criticised the news agency that removed the picture from its reports on Kashmir.

In the photo, one can see that some other man or women has held the placard in the kid’s hand and he or she is trying to show that all Kashmiris, including children, are protesting against the abrogation of Article 370.

A netizen has also caught the “fake” propaganda by enlarging the same placard that was earlier used for another photo-op with “Love you Imran Khan” written on it.

This slogan was erased now and “We want freedom” written on it. Such incidents of misusing children and women by radicals for their anti-India propaganda have come to light from time to time.