India’s Covid-19 vaccine coverage exceeds 187.67 crore

India's first intranasal vaccine for Covid gets DCGI approval

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The cumulative Covid-19 vaccination coverage of the country has exceeded 187.67 Crore (1,87,67,20,318), informed the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Sunday.

This has been achieved through 2,30,29,745 sessions where as many as 1,04,04,725 (1st Dose), 1,00,12,053 (2nd Dose), and 46,94,892 (Precaution Dose) have been administered.

According to the Ministry, the doses have been administered to the Health Care Workers (HCWs) whereas 1,84,14,942 (1st Dose), 1,75,32,038 (2nd Dose), and 73,40,412 (Precaution Dose) have been jabbed to the Front Line Workers (FLWs) in the country.


The health ministry stated that COVID-19 vaccination for the age group 12-14 years was started on 16 March 2022.

“So far, 2,65,75,579 1st dose and 29,32,476 2nd dose of Covid-19 vaccine have been given to these adolescents,” added the ministry.

As per the data, youngsters belonging to the age group 15-18 years have been given 5,81,40,660 (1st Dose) and 4,13,45,317 (2nd Dose) of the vaccine against coronavirus.

Besides 84549 Precaution Doses of vaccine, 55,54,82,878 (1st Dose) and 47,54,34,938 (2nd dose) have been administered to the people of the age group 18-44 years, stated the data shared by the ministry.

People belonging to the age group 45-59 years have been given the 20,28,83,319 and 18,73,63,960 jabs of 1st dose and 2nd dose of Coronavirus vaccine, respectively.

As per the data, the people with the age more than 60 years have been jabbed with 12,68,38,741 (1st Dose), 11,67,19,403 (2nd Dose), and 1,42,16,266 (Precaution Dose).

According to the ministry, India has so far conducted over 83.47Cr (83,47,17,702) cumulative tests, and 2,593 new cases of Covid-19 were reported after conducting 4,36,532 tests in the last 24 hours.

The weekly Positivity Rate in the country currently stands at 0.54 percent and the Daily Positivity rate is also reported to be 0.59 per cent.