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Indian Army uniform might undergo major change

If the change is carried out, it will be the fourth instance of a makeover of the Indian Army uniform.

SNS | New Delhi |

The Indian Army, the world’s second largest army by numbers, is likely to get a new cloth for its uniform that will help the soldiers better adjust to different weather conditions as well as a design change in the belt to make it smarter.

According to reports, the current Terrycot uniform is ill-suited for hot and humid conditions. The Indian Army used to wear uniform made from cotton fibre but it was replaced since it was not easy to maintain.

Till date, the Indian Army has undergone changes to the uniform only three times. The most notable one was when it was changed from Khaki colour to the olive green one that is used today. The change was done to distinguish Indian soldiers from Pakistani soldiers, who wear Khaki.

It is not clear if the colour of the uniform will undergo any change this time.

Reports say that the belt of the soldier might be moved to the inside of the uniform instead of outside to make the uniform appear smarter and more comfortable.

Another key change that is likely to be introduced is in the manner in which the rank insignia (epaulette) is displayed.

Currently, the Indian Army officers wear their rank insignias on the shoulders. Jawans wear their insignias on the side of arm. In some other major militaries, the insignia is worn over the top buttons.

In the US and Pakistan, for instance, soldiers wear the rank insignia over the top buttons when wearing combat fatigues. The insignias are on the shoulders in service uniform.

Authorities are currently studying the uniforms of different armies from around the world.

The pattern and colour of Indian Army uniforms change according to the corps, occasion and terrain.