Pooja Shakun Pandey, who recreated the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on Martyrs’ Day, is expected to surrender before the police in a day or two.

Pooja is the first Nyaydheesh (judge) of the Aligarh-based Hindu court of Hindu Mahasabha.

This Martyrs’ Day, 30 January, Pooja allegedly recreated the assassination of the Father of the Nation when she shot at an effigy of Mahatma Gandhi with an airgun.

Pictures and videos of the incident soon went viral after which the Aligarh police arrested an advocate identified as Gajendra in connection with the incident. Two others were also arrested but they got bail from the court the same day.

Pooja, however, is absconding.

Now according to Hindu Mahasabha’s national vice-president Ashok Sharma, Pooja will soon surrender before the police. He, however, lauded Pooja and named her his successor in the times to come.

Hailing Pooja as a “daring girl”, Sharma averred that Nathuram Godse, the man who killed the Mahatma, is silently praised by about 70 per cent of the population of the country.

He claimed that the political situation is changing now and people are more forthcoming with their praise of Godse.

Other Hindu Mahasabha leaders expressed great admiration for Pooja, who has been actively associated with the organisation.

The well-educated Pooja was appointed the first ‘Nyaydheesh’ of Hindu Nyaypeeth – the first so-called Hindu court established in Naurangabad locality of Aligarh.

Pooja holds a Masters degree in Statistics and Mathematics and is PhD in Political Science besides being an FRCS.

According to Sharma, she was shortlisted for the post of Nyaydheesh due to her intelligence and academic achievements.