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Highlight honest politicians’ social service to regain people’s trust: PM

PM Modi said nowadays people think that politicians only indulge in politics of gimmicks and manipulation to gain power.



Concerned over politicians’ image among people as that of only being involved in tactics to regain power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday gave clarion call to Presiding Officers to dedicate time in state assemblies to highlight social service by honest politicians to regain their trust.

Addressing the 82nd Presiding Officers Conference being held in HP Vidhan Sabha in Shimla virtually, PM Modi said nowadays people think that politicians only indulge in politics of gimmicks and manipulation to gain power.

“But we need to change the perception as there are many politicians among us who spend most of their time in social service which preserve people’s trust on politics.

We should discuss works of such representatives in assemblies 3-4 times in a year as when we will listen to their tales and experiences, it will not only inspire other members but it will also give a positive message to our society on politics and politicians,” he added.

He stated that such politicians’ creative contributions to society will inspire people to associate themselves with political parties who otherwise choose to keep a safe distance.

He urged the Presiding Officers to dedicate time for such things as it will not only inspire other politicians but it will make our countrymen aware about their contribution to the society.

He also called them to hold discussions during the conference as to what new innovative things can be done in assemblies besides, working for value addition and ensuring quality debates on the floor of house.

“We should make such a system wherein such debates are held on the floor of the house with decorum without taking any political potshots at each other,” the PM said.

PM Modi said as we all know that when parliament or assembly start its term, many of them are first timers as changes continue to happen in politics which are brought forth by the people of the country.

Change is necessary as it brings new energy and newness. Besides, new members should be given training on maintaining the House’s decorum and dignity.

He called for increasing productivity in assemblies with a commitment to set rules and said more time should be given to youth and women to put forward their views on various issues to bring new solutions, upon which the Presiding Officers have a big role to play.

He urged them to work on the ‘One Nation, One Legislative’ platform on the lines of ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ and ‘One Nation, One Mobility’ and stated that such an initiative will provide one digital platform to unite all democratic institutions in the country.

He called for making parliamentary systems at Centre and states paperless and urged them to expedite the work of digitization of libraries in the assemblies.

“As we are heading towards 100 years of Independence for the country, the important message for all of us should be ‘Duty, Duty and Duty’. In addition, our conduct should be as per Indian values as it is our collective responsiblity” he added.

He further stated that the Conference is held every year for discussions on new topics and it paves way for new pace, energy and inspire us to achieve new goals.

“We are fortunate that we are organizing the conference on 100th year which is a symbol of our democratic system. Our democracy is not only a system but it is our basic instinct,” he further added.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh Narayan Singh, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur, Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri, Speakers and Deputy Speakers of legislative assemblies of various states were present on the occasion among others.