The Prime Minister Narendra Modi wooed the Dalits with the inauguration of the ‘Dr. Ambedkar International Centre’ in New Delhi on Thursday.

PM Modi was in Gujarat addressed rallies in Dhanduka, Netrang and Dahod on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion the Prime Minister praised Dr. Ambedkar for his contribution towards building a more inclusive India.

The PM Modi interacted with Dalit community leaders of Gujarat and about 10,000 party workers in the coastal areas of the state, through direct call and shared his government’s plans of developing the locations associated with Ambedkar’s life into monuments so that the youth could take inspiration from his life.

PM Modi dedicated the Dr. Ambedkar International Center for Socio-Economic Transformation, which has also been set up at Dr. Ambedkar International Center and will work towards research on social and economic issues.

PM Modi mentioned BHIM app as the government’s initiative to link and bring in the Dalits-poor-neglected-down trodden and those sidelined into the mainstream. PM Modi talked about how the government has worked towards improving the life of villagers by providing drinking water, electricity and gas connections using various schemes.

The PM went on to share his vision of improving the lives of those who have been left behind in the overall development and committed to carrying on this work at any cost.

Dr. Manmohan Singh questions BJP’s foreign policy

On the other hand, ex-Prime Minister and Congress leader Dr. Manmohan Singh was in Rajkot and interacted with professionals, teachers and professors and shared his concerns on National Security, saying this government has compromised on this important aspect because of the inconsistent and at times confusing foreign policy.

Dr. Singh clarified that Narendra Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat never talked to him regarding concerns relating to Narmada Dam or related issues and that I never refused to meet him on the issue.

On corruption surge during the UPA regime, Dr. Singh said we acted against the corrupt but the same can’t be said of the BJP government.

Rahul Gandhi asks another question to PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi also took to Twitter, yet again to ask his 9th question to PM Modi. Rahul wrote on Twitter;

Rahul Gandhi questioned PM Modi on incompetency in waving loans of the farmers, fair prices of the crop to farmers, failure of crop insure scheme, and not providing tube wells to the farmers.

Referring to the Goods and Services Tax as ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’, Rahul Gandhi said that the farmers have suffered due economic policy and the government has also taken away farming lands from the poor, thus making them unemployed as they are unable to do anything now.

With curtains being drawn on Thursday on canvassing for the first phase of election on 9 December, the political parties have tried to target as many social segments as possible to build-up numbers in their favour to ensure numbers to form the next government in Gujarat.