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Govt schools running in same building to be merged into one : Khattar

“The Government is going to make a new system in this regard soon,” he said

SNS | Chandigarh |

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, on Friday, said all the government schools from Class I to Class XII running in one building across the state will be merged into one.

Addressing a press conference, Khattar said the head of these schools will be the same and teachers will also be rationalised. “The Government is going to make a new system in this regard soon. Work is being done on this,” he said.

The CM said most of the schools in the entire state are where primary, higher and senior secondary schools are run in the same building.

“In case a teacher is available at a secondary school, he can’t be deputed on teaching Class V as his or her posting is at a different school even as it’s in the same building. The same goes for senior secondary schools. With the merger of all schools within the same building, there will be better utilisation of the services of the available teachers,” the CM contended.

He further said, “They (the schools) also have separate heads. The government is soon going to integrate these schools. A new system will be implemented in this regard soon. The teachers of these schools will also be rationalised. With this, the issue of a shortage of teachers will be addressed. If there is still a shortage, then the government will fill the vacancies soon.”

The CM informed that the number of students in government schools is continuously increasing due to the improvement in education.

On his government’s agenda on education, Khattar said, “Two task forces have been formed to improve the schools. One is working on the requirements of the road, boundary wall, path, water, toilet and greenery at the schools and the other is working on providing dual benches. Smart classrooms are running in almost every school. Electricity has been provided. To resolve the power crisis, solar power systems have been installed in the school buildings.”

On the achievement of his government, Khattar said not only in Haryana but also abroad, no state has distributed five lakh tablets to students at the same time. The Haryana Government has provided tablets with Personalized Adaptive Learning (PAL) at a cost of Rs 650 Crore.