In view of the rising number of coronavirus cases in Uttarakhand, the state government has decided to cancel its earlier decision of partially reopening schools from 21 September.

Earlier this month, under Unlock 4 the central government had issued advisory to reopen schools and allow 9 to 12 classes’ students to take guidance from their teachers on a voluntary basis on the matter.

The Uttarakhand government too started preparation for the reopening of the schools in the state. But, this month witnessed a sharp increase in coronavirus cases in Uttarakhand. The trend has discouraged the state government to reopen schools.

Uttarakhand education minister Arvind Pandey said, “Due to rising number of cases and assessing the current situation, we have decided to cancel the order to reopen the schools in Uttarakhand from coming 21 September, till further orders.” Under the new guideline of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Government of India) students of class 9 to 12 were permitted to visit their school on voluntary basis for taking guidance from their teachers. The students were required to submit a written consent from their parents/guardians.

Challenging situation presently prevails in Uttarakhand. The growing number of Coronavirus cases has created panic among the public. Of a total 33,016 cases registered (by 14 September), 22,077 persons have recovered so far. There are presently 10, 374 active cases in Uttarakhand and most of the hospitals, providing Covid-19 care, are packed.

Four hundred and twenty-nine persons lost their lives by getting infected with the virus in the hill state.