External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj slammed Pakistan’s Minister of Information Fawad Hussain Chaudhry after the latter tried to take a jibe at India and the Modi government even though two Hindu girls were forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan’s Sindh.

Earlier on Sunday, Swaraj asked the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan to send a report on the news of the abduction and forcible conversion of two Hindu girls in Pakistan’s Sindh area.

Reacting to the EAM’s tweet, the Pakistani minister, who is a member of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Cabinet, tweeted, “Mam its Pakistin internal issue and rest assure its not Modi’s India where minorities are subjugated its Imran Khan’s Naya Pak where white color of our flag is equally dearer to us.I hope you ll act with same diligence when it comes to rights of Indian Minorities (sic).”


Responding to his tweet, Swaraj shot back stating that his response only shows his “jittery” and “guilty conscience”.

“Mr.Minister  @fawadchaudhry – I only asked for a report from Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad about the kidnapping and forced conversion of two minor Hindu girls to Islam. This was enough to make you jittery. This only shows your guilty conscience. @IndiainPakistan,” tweeted Swaraj.


According to reports, two Hindu girls – aged 13 and 15 – were kidnapped from their home in Dharki town of Ghotki district of Sindh and were forcibly converted to Islam.

Authorities in Pakistan tried to brush the incident under the carpet but were forced to investigate after human rights groups and members of the minority Hindu community staged protest demanding action against the perpetrators. Reports say that one person was arrested in connection with the incident.

And while Fawad Chaudhry was busy pointing fingers at India, another Hindu girl was abducted from Mirpurkhas in Sindh.

“Another Hindu girl has been abducted in Mirpurkhas, Sindh. When you [Sindh and Federal governments] remain silent, it leads another case. Enough is enough,” tweeted Veengas J, a journalist from Karachi.


Interestingly, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had on 25 December 2018 tried to lecture India on the subject of treatment of minorities claiming that his ‘Naya Pakistan’ will ensure that minorities are treated as “equal citizens, unlike what is happening in India”.

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Khan’s tweet was criticised by Indians, including cricketer Mohammed Kaif, who pointed out the abysmal condition of minorities in Pakistan and their steadily declining population compared to the minorities in India.