Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday assured the farmers that the system of MSP will continue as it used to be even after the introduction of the three agriculture bills.

“I want to make it clear that the new agriculture laws are not against mandis, work will remain same in the agricultural mandis,” PM said.

PM Modi was speaking at the ‘Improving infrastructure and digital connectivity across Bihar’ programme through video conferencing.

“After the historic changes in the field of agriculture in India, some people are feeling that the control is going out of their hands. This is the reason why they are misleading the farmers over the MSP issue,” he added.

“Those who were doing business in the agriculture sector, they faced issues due to some of the provisions of the Essential Commodities Act. With the changing times, the changes in the Act have also been made,” PM said.

“Commodities like pulses, potatoes, edible oil and onion have been excluded from the Act,” he added.

“The laws around produce and yield earlier had tied the hands of farmers. People were taking advantage of farmers that’s why it was important to bring change in this situation,” he said.

PM said that in the coming 4-5 years, Rs 110 lakh crore has been estimated to be spend on the infrastructure.

19 lakh crore out of this fund is for highways alone, he said.

PM had reacted on the farm bills on Friday also saying the Bill is for the welfare of the farmers and those who ruled this country for decades are attempting to mislead them.

“Farmers have been given new independence in agriculture. They’ll now have more options and opportunities to sell their produce. I congratulate them on the passage of Bills. It was necessary to bring these to protect them from middlemen. These are farmers’ shields,” PM Modi said.

“But the people who ruled this country for decades are attempting to mislead the farmers on this issue. They are lying to the farmers,” he added.