Hours after the Election Commission (EC) conducted the EVM challenge, Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi on Saturday said the commission will maintain the integrity of the electoral process

"The commission will leave no stone unturned to maintain the integrity of the electoral process," Zaidi said at a press briefing.

"CPM team expressed complete satisfaction and suggested that the commission should hold such demonstration and awareness sessions proactively," he said, adding, "NCP team informed they too don’t want to participate in any challenge but were only interested to participate in an academic exercise.”

Speaking on NCP’s allegation about faulty EVMs during Maharashtra civic polls, CEC Zaidi said, "The EVMs used by Maharashtra state election commission for urban local body elections do not belong to the EC.”

Out of seven national parties and 49 state parties who were invited initially, only NCP and CPI-M participated in the EVM challenge began on Saturday.

Representatives from both parties were given four machines and four hours to hack into it. The machines were brought from Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh where recent Assembly elections were held.

(With inputs from agencies)