US President Donald Trump has wished Bengalis everywhere a “Shubho Noboborsho” as they prepare to celebrate their New Year.

“On behalf of President Trump and the American people, I wish Bengalis everywhere a joyous New Year,” acting Secretary of State John Sullivan said in a statement.

“We commemorate this important day along with all those from Bangladesh, India, and around the world who come together today to mark the arrival of the New Year,” he said.

“Pohela Boishakh,” he said, “is an opportunity for those who speak Bangla as a mother tongue, of all faiths and beliefs, to celebrate their rich history and culture with beautiful parades, fairs, and dances.”

On this occasion, he added, he was thanking Bangladeshis in the US for their “outstanding contributions to our nation, our economy, and our culture”.

Bengalis worldwide will celebrate “Poila Boishakh”, their new year day, on 15 April, Sunday, this year.

The US has a sizeable population of Bengalis, both from India and from Bangladesh, working in various sectors across the country.