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Development of North-East is significant for nation to scale greater heights: Prez Murmu

“India’s stature on the global stage has been rising. Our ties with the neighbours, especially in South-East Asia, are of high value to us,” said Murmu.

SNS | New Delhi |

The development of Mizoram and the rest of the North-East are significant for the nation to scale greater heights, said Droupadi Murmu, President of India today.

Murmu was addressing the members of Mizoram Legislative Assembly.

“India’s stature on the global stage has been rising. Our ties with the neighbours, especially in South-East Asia, are of high value to us,” said Murmu.

The President further said, “Our ‘Act East Policy’ places emphasis on the North-East for improving our ties with the extended neighbourhood in the Asia-Pacific region. Once an economic initiative, the policy has now gained strategic and cultural dimensions too.”

Mizoram benefits from, and also contributes to, the nation’s endeavour to engage with the neighbours in the region, she said.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that the topography of the hilly region poses special challenges for development; yet Mizoram has done remarkably well on all parameters, especially when it comes to human development.

Taking education and healthcare as twin pillars of good governance, policymakers and administrators have rightly stressed on improving facilities for the two sectors, she added.

Emphasizing on how connectivity and the development of village roads, highways and bridges not only helps in meeting the education and healthcare goals, but also unleashes economic opportunities, the President added that while embracing the modern ways, we should also remain in touch with our roots.

“As a tribal majority state, Mizoram can explore its past and find best governance practices from pre-modern days that can be revived within contemporary systems,” said Murmu.

Noting that the Mizoram Legislative Assembly celebrated its Golden Jubilee in May this year, the President said that over the years, this house has evolved a model of debate, healthy discussion and mutual respect as an effective instrument in finding solution to people’s problems.

She also expressed her happiness as Mizoram Assembly has gone digital by adopting NeVA (National e Vidhan Application).

She said that in Mizoram, women are an empowered lot in every sphere of life, be it sports, culture or business. She highlighted that there should be increased representation of women in public life particularly, among lawmakers in the state.

The President said that with our rising influence on the world stage, come more responsibilities.

“In climate action, for example, we have taken a lead, showing the world the best way to counter the effects of environmental degradation. Our multiple initiatives in promoting renewable sources of energy have won admiration around the world,” she said.

Meanwhile, we – as individual citizens, policymakers, lawmakers or administrators – must strive at our level to help heal the planet. Mizoram has the highest forest cover among all Indian states, providing an ideal home for extraordinary and rich biodiversity, she added.