In a horrifying video going viral on social media, a woman is seen manhandled, hit several times, by a man and an elderly couple. She was dragged off the couch on to the floor and a small kid trying to intervene and protect her.

The 30 year old woman is Sindhu Sharma, who put out a CCTV video grab as proof in the ongoing dowry harassment and domestic violence case. The three aggressors are her husband Nooty Vashisht, mother-in-law Nooty Durga Jayalakshmi and her father-in-law Nooty Ramamohana Rao, a retired High Court judge. The father-in-law was a senior judge in the Hyderabad High Court. He was serving at the Madras HC when he got retired in 2017.

In April, Sindhu Sharma Sharma was admitted to Hyderabad’s Apollo Hospital and a case was filed at the Central Crime Station in Hyderabad. She alleged that her husband and in-laws have been repeatedly tortured and harassed for the past four years over dowry.

Sindhu Sharma sought custody of her two children, 4 and 2 year old girls. After much altercation and protests she filed a habeas corpus petition, which helped her gain custody of her kids.

Sindhu  Sharma had the video footage since April but she and her family didn’t want to make it public as they were looking for reconciliation.  According to her, the trouble started in the marriage right after her marriage in 2012.

While the husband and his family has filed an affidavit in the court. According to them, Sindhu had attempted to kill herself that is why they were pulling her and trying to stop in the video as she was hiding a bottle of pesticide /poison with her. Earlier, on March 8 too she tried to kill herself.

According to Sindhu Sharma, she doesn’t want her daughters to be deprived of their father’s love. She will consider reconciliation if her husband separates from the in-laws.

However, her husband, Vasista Nooty, called the video fabricated and alleged that now that he had filed for divorce she has released the video. If things are are so bad and he tortures her, why she wants to come back to him?