Even as the political slugfest and brouhaha over the incident of the alleged cow slaughter and killing of a UP police officer in Bulandshahr’s Syana are far from over, Wednesday saw a replay of the same episode from the same place when cow carcasses were found in a village situated on Bulandshahr-Aligarh border creating tension in the area.

The situation, however, was controlled after the immediate intervention of the police which buried the carcasses after collecting them from the jungles of Bhogpur and Chandaus area at the Bulandshahr-Aligarh border.

The situation now is said to be under control and police have been deployed in Bhogpur village in order to avoid any untoward incident. Bogpur is under the Arania police station of Bulandshahr district.

According to SSP Bulandshahr Prabhakar Choudhary, three carcasses were found in the village which falls under district Aligarh and one more carcass was found in the jungle of Village Bhogpur which is in district Bulandshahr.

The police immediately intervened, he told, adding that cases are being registered against unknown people in both the districts and force has been deployed in view of the prevailing tension.

“We are trying to identify those involved in the act and they will face strict action,” said the SSP.

The incident came to light on Tuesday morning when the residents of village Bhogpur saw blood in the jungle area and when they followed the blood stains they spotted four cow carcasses.

This created a commotion and the news spread like wildfire after which villagers from both the sides gathered there and the matter was reported to police.

Senior officials, including SSP Bulandshahr, rushed to the spot and tried to pacify angry villagers. The SSP immediately directed his team to bury the carcasses. Police officials of Aligarh district also arrived on the spot and controlled the situation with the assistance of locals.