Conversation between Maneka Gandhi, businessman goes viral over treatment of animals

Maneka Gandhi purportedly threatens him by asking animal activists to file sexual harassment case against him if he attacks stray dogs or animals again.

Conversation between Maneka Gandhi, businessman goes viral over treatment of animals

Photo: IANS

Bengaluru, Jan 6 (IANS) A 4.54 minute audio clip has surfaced on social media sites where BJP Sultanpur MP and former Union minster Maneka Gandhi allegedly threatens Bengaluru businessman, Ramalingam to book him in a sexual harassment case after a news of Ramlingam hitting stray dog with a cricket bat reaches to her.

According to the police, Ramlingam reportedly hit the dog after it bit his daughter two days ago. “This was opposed by his neighbour, Nitin and his friend Malati. This episode led to full blown arguments between residents of Crescent Road Malati. She filed complaint against Ramlingama and Ramlingam too filed case against her. We registered both complaints,” a police officer said.

In an audio clip, Maneka Gandhi purportedly threatens him by asking animal activists to file sexual harassment case against him if he attacks stray dogs or animals again.


Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central Sub-division) M.N. Anuchet told IANS that the Highgrounds police has filed a Non-Cognizable Report (NCR) against Ramalingam as well as animal activist Malati and Nitin on January 2 itself.

“However, we have not received any formal complaint against the purported audio clip which is doing rounds and has not come to our notice. If anyone comes forward and file a complaint, we will take that case,” he said in response to a question.

IANS correspondent’s efforts to reach Ramlingam, could not be materialised as his phone was switched off.

In detailed conversations is as follows…(the veracity of the clip could not be independently verified)

Maneka Gandhi: Hello

Ramlingam: Hello…Good morning madam

Maneka: Mr Ramalingam, I have received a lot of complaints about your behaviour. Now..I am going to speak to the MLA, corporator and to the BJP establishment…do you understand?

Ramlingam: Madam….actually

Maneka (Cuts in): I don’t want goondas…I don’t want goondas in this area

Ramlingam: True madam, true..true..madam..but

Maneka (Cuts in): You will not harass…I will put sexual harassment case against you. You are harassing Malati Shah, You are harassing Nitin. You are going place to place talking nonsense. You are known as local goonda. You are jobless. Trying to get into politics, harass people through that. Do you understand? A

Ramlingam: Sorry madam

Maneka: I will cut off your entire thing with the BJP. You can not use BJP to sort out your goonda issues. Do you understand Ramlingam?

Ramlingam: No I didn’t get actually the real facts….may be if you go through real facts Madam, first go through the facts madam

Maneka: I know facts of the case and you have been taking out the bat and hitting dogs.

Ramlingam: Madam sorry, I didn’t hit the dog with the bat but pushed it that too in self protection and nothing happened to the dog.

Maneka: You did not…you took out the bat and hit a dog for no reason.

Ramlingam: No…sorry madam..dog has bit my daughter and it has chased my son also, sorry madam.. sorry madam.

Maneka: Dog did not bite your daughter…You are a liar..do you understand?

Ramlingam: No madam I have proof of dog biting my daughter and please…

Maneka: You are total liar and scoundrel….half the time you are drunk and you get the drunk people to harass the women. Now I will put the women molestation case against you.

Ramlingam (Cuts in): Madam…I am ready to give my blood test for alcohol test…you can get it checked if you want it…

Maneka: You can give blood or not.. am not interested…what am interested is that You behave yourself.

Ramlingam: Ok…ok… I will do that….

Maneka: If you hit a single animal or throw your weight around with anybody…You just watch it….I am telling you that….

Ramalingam: Madam listen to me….Nitin and Malati are leaving dogs on us….to bite….

Makeka: Nobody is leaving any dog on you to bite…do you understand it? you Scoundrel…you rascal…

Ramalingam: Madam..you are looking in a one way traffic…please look both ways (please look this case from both sides) pleas listen to me…

Maneka: There is no one way traffic….do you want me to speak to the police officer?…do you want me to speak to…

Ramalinagam: Madam…I am also animal lover…please look this case in both ways….sorry madam I expected you to..you to ..be more (impartial)…you are completely taking their side….you are listening only to them….listen to me as well….I had 40 cows…I know what animal love means…..I am a total vegetarian…

Maneka: I know you had 40 cows….did you sell those cows to a butcher?

Ramlingam: I am a total vegetarian…Nitin is ..total…total non-vegetarian…..he eats beef also..do you know about that?

Maneka: Ramalingam….will you be quiet, when am speaking to you?

Ramlingam: Ok Madam…please tell me….please carry on….

Maneka: You will not have any animals….you will not threaten people….you will not be a local goonda…and now I am informing the corporator….that you are a character living there…I will inform the police also…any instance you will go to jail….

Ramalingam: Ok madam …..ok madam…

Maneka: Alright…if you want to stay in your position….then you need to be quiet and gentle…

Ramlingam: Madam…I expect you to say the same to them (Nitin and Malati) also….I understood what you told…if it is my fault I agree…

Maneka: You damn……Listen to me…You own a dog right?……you keep the dog tied all time….that dog will be taken away from you tonight?

Ramlingam: I don’t keep my dog tied all the time…

Maneka: You keep the dog tied all the time…..You take it out only five minutes in the morning and evening that’s all…I know that….

Ramlingam: I am very sorry madam….I have kept my dog free…I allow it to roam around freely…they have given you wrong information….you are believing them….. I am very sorry….

Maneka: Yes I belive them…..I don’t believe you…

Ramlingam: I thought Maneka Gandhi madam is something….big

Maneka: I am not interested in what you think about me….Ramlingam….I don’t like goondas…I don’t like goonds in BJP.

Ramlingam: You can ask anybody…..who is goonda…who is not goonda…

Maneka: You are a goonda…

Ramlingam: Listen to me…you are a reputed person….

Maneka: You are scoundrel…

Ramlingam: Just because someone says (calls) me scoundrel…I don’t become one…

Maneka: You are …you are ….you too…

Ramlingam: Ok ….ok

Maneka: You called this …woman …to ….harass and you talk nonsense about dog..just be quiet….

Ramlingam: You just got cooked up stories….you have not the detailed story about what has happened here….Girl (Malati) doesn’t have any work in our area….no business at 9:30 at night…how did she come to our area…why did she come to our area?

Maneka: That is not your father’s area…do you understand ..you unemployed good for nothing….

Ramlingam: Ok sorry madam….

Maneka: She can any time she wants and anytime she likes…she can feed animals.. it’s not your father’s area….she comes to feed animals…she comes to feed there.