Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala asked some tough questions on the Doklam issue and the recent show of bonhomie between India and China.

The Congress leader took to Twitter to pose his questions on the day when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei province.

“As Modiji ‘hugs’ his friend, President, Xi Jinping today in Wuhan, China, will he remember his innate duty to protect India’s strategic interests & question China on occupation of #Dokalam impacting India’s National Security?” he asked in the first tweet.

Surjewala asked whether PM Modi “accept the failure” of his Cabinet as China built a ‘Military Complex’ in Doklam “right upto 10m from Indian Army post”.

“Does the PM accept the failure of his Cabinet Min’s (Defense & EAM) to confront China on creation of ‘full-fledged Chinese Military Complex’ in #Doklam right upto 10m from Indian Army post, during their visit on 20th-24th April, as an abdication of their duty to the Nation?” read his second tweet.

Pointing at the threat posed by an increasingly belligerent China to the Siliguri Corridor, Surjewala asked why the Modi government is not sending a “strong message” to China.

“India is facing increasingly aggressive China to intrude into the ‘Chicken Neck’ -Siliguri Corridor by building a new road through South of #Doklam (Gateway to the North East), but why is Modi Govt clueless and incapable to send a strong message to China?” read the third tweet.

He also shared a Google Maps image purportedly showing Chinese structures some metres away from Indian Army posts.

“Doesn’t the latest ‘Satellite Imagery’ from Google Maps of 25th April, 2018 show creation of additional structures by China meters away from Indian Army posts? Has PM & Defense Ministry taken note of it?” asked Surjewala.

In his final tweet, the Congress leader took a dig at PM Modi.

“Will PM Modi take up the issue in the ‘Summit’ with Chinese President today in Wuhan, China?” he asked, adding, “Modiji may not be able to show ‘red eyes’ as he loftily promised, but will he show the courage of conviction to do plain-speaking on #Doklam & defend India’s interests?”


The Indian PM will hold the first round of a series of talks with Xi today – the first of his two-day visit to the country. This will be the first one-to-one meeting between the two leaders since the 2017 Doklam crisis and Xi’s elevation to ‘president for life’.

The focus of the trip and the informal meeting for India and China is to reset their ties which were strained during the 73-day long Doklam military standoff.

The first of their several rounds of talks is scheduled for 3 pm. The talks will be held at Hubei Provincial Museum, where Xi will personally give a guided tour to PM Modi.

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Following the tour, the two leaders will again meet at the East Lake Guest House, where Xi is staying, for a second round of talks. The delegation-level meeting will be held in the presence of six top officials from each side.

On Saturday, Modi and Xi are scheduled to go for a boat ride and a walk by the picturesque East Lake. The two leaders will hold a series of one-to-one talks.

According to reports, the two sides will not issue any joint statement as this is an informal meeting.