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Breast cancer being detected every 8 minute in India: Experts

The conference was inaugurated by Dr ML Swaranakar, Founder Chairman of Mahatma Gandhi Medical University.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Breast cancer among women is being detected every 8-minute in India, experts told the three-day World Congress on Translational Cancer Immunotherapy, which began here on Friday.

Quoting a report of ICMR, they said that cancer is responsible for the death of 5 to 7 lakh people every year in India. It should be known that oral cavity cancer is causing more than two and a half thousand deaths daily in the country, they said.

Director, Center for Cancer Immunotherapy at  Mahatma Gandhi Hospital here, Dr Anil Suri said that treatment was not possible in cancer patients detected in the fourth stage. Efforts are made to provide pain relief to such people with palliative care, he added.
Dr Suri said that cell-based therapy raised hopes of life though the research on DC-cell (Dendritic Cell) based immunotherapy vaccine for oral cavity-borne cancer was in process.

After taking the blood sample of a cancer patient, monocytes are isolated and converted into dendritic cells. These cells are cultured with the tumor antigen sphagnine in a virus-free environment. Follow-up of the patient is necessary till 52 weeks, according to their studies.

It is noted that Immunotherapy using dendritic cell (DC)-based vaccination is an approved approach for harnessing the potential of a patient’s own immune system to eliminate tumor cells in metastatic hormone-refractory cancer.
Among others who are presenting research papers and discussing the latest research in the Congress are Dr Robert Clarke, Prof Jane Hudson, Prof Janji Matsui, Dr Vikas Swarankar, Dr Sudhir Sachdev, G N Saxena and Hemant Malhotra. The conference was inaugurated by Dr ML Swaranakar, Founder Chairman of  Mahatma Gandhi Medical University.