BJP’s spokesman on Kashmir affairs, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, on Saturday asked Pakistan to strictly enforce the global terrorist restrictions on Masood Azhar.

In a statement, Chrungoo said that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) declaring Masood Azhar as Global Terrorist initiates a Herculean Task for Pakistan to accomplish its “international promises” to the satisfaction of the world powers.

This time Pakistan, despite insistence, could not persuade China to whisk away under the umbrella of Veto Power in the Security Council.

It now becomes mandatory for Pakistan to be answerable to the neighbourhood first, keeping in view the recent situations emerging in India and Sri Lanka.

He demanded that Pakistan keep its hands off from the internal matters of India in Kashmir. Since India has proven its intent after the Pulwama carnage to go to any extent possible, Pakistan should showcase its intent to bring terrorists, active on its soil, before the justice system. Their terror infrastructure, financial mechanism and links with the politico-military establishment require to be severed. The world powers including India may demand to bring the culprits presently hidden in Pakistan before the global justice platform.

Pakistan also should come clean on the facts as it was recently termed as a country that “created terrorist groups to be a tool in their struggle against India” by former CIA director, Michael Morell. The impact of Pakistan’s decision to adopt terrorism as a part of its foreign policy and “policy in terms of India” had a huge toll in Kashmir after Punjab three decades ago, he said.

Chrungoo said that the future government in India will be ordained to pursue the existing policy of “zero tolerance against terror” and “terror and talks won’t go together”. There is no policy alternative than what has been crafted in the current context by the present government with a focus on the earlier commitment of Pakistan that “it will not allow the soil under its control to be used against India”.

He asked Pakistan to, in its own interest, desist from the repetition of 1971 and Imran Khan, the PM of Pakistan, needs to come out of the “Yahya Khan shadow” as soon as possible lest “seven states doctrine” in the context of Pakistan may regenerate itself as soon as possible.